Friday, July 4

My Friend of 50 Years +...

I don't have any new stitching to show you, as I have been working on my DJ and the Apple Core Quilt which you have already seen...

I have been playing with my blog a bit and changed my profile picture ( that's me at about 10 yrs) and I came across these photos of my dear friend of over 50+ years and goodness, where have all those years gone!

Jenni and I in 1959

My friend Jenni and I met when we both applied for our first job in a fashion workroom, where they made ladies fashions for our local boutiques and big department stores like Boans as it was known then, now called Myers and David Jones, which is a very up market department store etc... the Aussie girls would know them.

We both got the job of working on the finishing table, cutting off threads, sewing on hooks and eyes, which I don't think are used anymore, making fabric roses for the ball gowns and then later on learning how to put the garments together.
I just loved it, it was the beginning of my dressmaking life, for many years while the children where young I worked from home to help make ends meet, then along came my interest in SRE, CQ and quilting, as they say, "the rest is history".

Jenni went off and joined the Air force, I stayed on at the fashion house, we lost touch for a quite few years, in the mean time we both married and had three children, both of us had two boys and one girl.
Sitting in a bus one day going home from the shops, I couldn't believe it...while the bus was stopped to pick up people, I saw her...a chance sighting of her in a car park loading her shopping in the boot of her car, I hurried home, looked up her name in the phone book, rang her and we had a lovely reunion...

Jenni and I in 2004
Have we changed much?
We still the best of friends, we have shared heartaches, happiness and can tell one another anything....Jenni is now living on the other side of the country, I miss her, but we do talk on the phone a lot!


  1. Friends can be so precious! My best friend still only lives about 15 minutes from me, your story is so funny because it is alot like mine...Pam and I have been friends since birth, I guess you could say. Our parents were great friends and we were born a month apart, so we grew up together, went to school together, and worked together for a while. We also worked in sewing factory that made Levi's Jeans and Arizona Jeans!

  2. Your post about you and your best friend is so sweet! It would have been nice if you had a more close up of the two of you! The pic of you two fifty years ago is precious and I hope you have it in a place where you can look at it every day and make you smile!!!

  3. What a wonderful piece of serendipity. That's the great thing about family and true friends - you can just pick up again where you left off.

  4. What a lovely story and what a stunner you were Julia! (and still are)

  5. Julia, the photos of you and your friend then and now brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful then, and now.
    Thanks for sharing.


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