Friday, July 18

Mr and Mrs Golly...

Introducing Mr & Mrs Golly...

We are having some wild weather out there today, It's a wonder we still have a roof on the house.
I don't mind the rain but I hate the I have been by the heater hand quilting my Grandma's Garden hexagon quilt...yes, still quilting it, it's looking really good, but it's such a slow process!

I made and dressed Mr and Mrs Golly and made the golly cushion a few years ago, actually during my teddy bear making days. The gollies on the cushion are fused on and blanket stitched around in black thread .

This cute little quilt hangs in my laundry.
I'm so glad I don't have to do the washing like that... it would mean less time for stitching!

I hope our weather clears up tomorrow, there will most likely be a bit of cleaning up outside to do after all this rain and wind.

Have a lovely weekend everyone..


  1. Wow!! I just love your dolls!!! I have yet to make one! But that is something that I see in my future of sewing!!!

  2. Laundry seems to be the theme of the day did you see BedofRosesMQ blog:
    I hope your weather calms down, bad weather can be kind of scary.

  3. Your Golly couple are so cute! Over here, we'd be in deep trouble for making them, especially the cute one that hangs in your laundry.

    I hate the wind, too! It can rain and thunder and lightning, but when the wind comes, I want to go somewhere else.


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