Wednesday, July 16

Dolly Sampler Quilt...

dolly quilt
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This is a Dolly Sampler Quilt I made from an Aussie Patchwork and Quilting book several years ago.
It was published over several months as blocks of the month.

You may have seen Lurline's beautiful reproduction of the Sarah Johnson and Dancing Dolly Quilt which I think is a much nicer design with the dolls arms being appliqued on, these dolls arms are bias tape, joined together with buttons, the heads on these dollies are Yo-yos appliqued on.
The fabrics on this quilt are Debbie Mumm , this was cottage country always you can click on picture for a bigger photo.

I really loved that style of patchwork then, I still do to an extent, but now leaning more to the Reproductions....It's funny how my tastes have changed now, with smaller prints and smaller blocks like the Dear Jane..

We had some heavy rain overnight, and looks like being a wet and windy day today, good for staying indoors stitching ...

Hope your day is a good one..


  1. Your Dolly Quilt is lovely, and so intricate. I wonder what the size of it is, I see the crock in the back. I can't imagine such tiny pieces, and such exacting work. The OC which was challenging for me must have been so easy for you compared to other things you have done. So pretty.

  2. Such a lovely quilt! Your work is always so beautiful!!!!

  3. Your little quilt is very sweet.
    We have had such a fine warm day- if you were in the sun!.

  4. the dolly quilt is just adorable
    thank you for sharing it with us
    Love those dollies :)

  5. I can't believe how intricate the doll quilt is. I hope you had some cheater fabric to use.

  6. what a lovely quilt Julia, love your dancing dollies!


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