Sunday, July 27

Dear Jane Progress..section 4 quilted..

Just finished hand quilting section four of my Dear Jane quilt..

Oh, it feels so good to have another section quilted.
Now I think just to have a change from the blocks, I might do a bit of quilting on the centre medallion piece.
I still have one more block to do, then the fifth lot of blocks section will be ready for hand quilting, but then I still have 48 blocks to do for the top...yes, another 48 blocks!

I have some baby type fabric coming from Thousands of Bolts to make a quilt for my neighbour over the road who is expecting a baby boy in October....they have great fabrics at very reasonable prices.
I would love to do a disappearing nine patch quilt for her, so when the fabric arrives, I'll have a go at doing will be a nice change from what I'm doing now.

A very wet and stormy day is the forecast for today, perfect for staying in and stitching by the heater..
Hope you day is sunny and bright..


  1. Congratulations on finishing your 4th section!! It looks beautiful! One day I would love to tackle a Dear Jane!!!CAthyxx

  2. We had another drear & gloomy day. I wish you luck with your baby quilts. We have a neighbour having non identical twins- girls- & I am thinking of quilts for them.

  3. Your Dear Jane quilt is gorgeous!

  4. Just gorgeous! Wish I had carried on with mine ... oh, well, maybe one day!
    Hugs - Lurline.


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