Monday, July 28

Crochet ...lollipop colours.

The start of another week already!

It's going to be a busy week with two lunches, one today with two other couples, and one on Friday with quilting friends...and hopefully some time for stitching and crocheting.

Dh and I are going to the Autumn Centre today for lunch with friends...Hmmm, I'm not sure about this, our friends are members, we are going as visitors to check out the place....sounds awful I know!
I don't think we are ready yet for the Autumn Centre, I just don't think we are old enough, maybe in another ten years, but we'll go with an open mind and have a good look around.

Last night I thought I would have a play with my crochet, I crocheted a few more hexagons, and joined a few together. I wish I could work out a way to join them together for a more lacy and open look so that it would be lighter and have more drape.....does anyone have any ideas, it would be most welcome..

I'll leave you today with this cute saying..

"Quilts are like friends - a great source of comfort."


  1. perhaps you could do like a zig zag chain between them. Join the yarn to one side, chain 4 or 5 or 6or so and then join to the other hexagon, then chain 4 ro 5 or 6 or so and join back to the first. That always creates a lacy effect. I just love the colors too!! Hope you get it completed!

  2. Your first comment here is exactly what I was going to suggest... Also, if you go to Lurline's blog, she is making one also. Perhaps she has some ideas for you. You can find her blog on my sidebar...

  3. Oops! I see you have seen Lurline's... Have you checked lately? There is another woman with that shawl... looks more lacy. Maybe if you can get a better close-up you can see how that one is done... Good luck!


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