Thursday, July 24

Been Shopping!...

Oh dear, another new project started...

Everyone is YARNING!
The lovely old craft of knitting and crocheting has made a big comeback..

Can I blame Lurline and Gallivantour Jan for this, not really, just kidding!
After a lovely sewing day with the girls yesterday, we went shopping.

Teena one of our quilting friends had a quilt fabric and craft shop for 21 years , last April she decided to close down the shop to free up some time for herself, but Teena has set up an Internet shop, so now her old shop is the store room for her fabrics and lots of other craft items.
You name a craft and Teena would have whatever you needed...

Teena said she would be at the shop on the way home if we wanted to pop in and pick up a few things, which of course we just had to go and do....I was looking for yarns to make the little hexagons that Lurline and Jan are making
Jan saw these gorgeous embroidery wools in this beautiful range of colours,...what's a girl to do... the colours....I just had to buy some, Jan did too, so we both bought 31 different colours..

I just had to try out the wool last night and made three little hexagons, a little fiddly, but I'm sure they'll get easier to do as I do more.
Now just between you and I, I also have some crochet threads coming in the mail...shush, don't tell anyone!

Teena is a lovely dear friend and I am not affiliated in any way with her business/shop, but please pop over and see what she has to offer...there are lots of things selling at discount prices.

Now, perhaps today, I could fit in some hand quilting and some crocheting...
Hope your day is a good one...


  1. Beautiful - talk to you later!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  2. I love to crochet! So soothing, & I love the effects of those little hexagons. Enjoy!

  3. Hi :) the problem with us is that we are jacks of all trades, all the handwork skills are interesting and nice to do. I have looked already at my rests of wool to make a start with a babette blanket. ooi ;) Only we should have 40 hours in a day !! LOL

  4. What beautiful colors, and cute little hexagons. Makes me want to make some granny squares. They'll have to go on my list for now though.

  5. The yarns look lovely. I've been thinking about crocheting lately but know I have too many projects going; not that I won't buy some yarn next time I am at the store.


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