Saturday, July 12

Baby it's Cold I'm hand quilting!

I have been hand quilting my Grandma's Garden Quilt, because it needs to get done and also because it's so cold, so what better way to keep warm!
I have finished quilting the centre piece, and now quilting a flower motif in between the blocks..

We are having a cold winter this year with the odd sunny day thrown in, just enough sunshine to get the washing dry.

Dear Kristie in Kentucky has awarded me this award...I am so thrilled and honoured to be chosen by her, Thank you Kristie.
If you haven't already been to visit Kristie, please do. she does so much and her work on her Civil Dairy blocks is just beautiful.

Now I am to choose five blogs that inspire me, this is not going to be easy, a couple that I would pick have already been chosen..

I choose..
Bernadette .. the Quilting B
Catherine .. Calidore
Loulee ...Manxgirl
Meggie... a lovely lady and for a good read
May Britt.. who does beautiful stitcheries

and I just had to include John...Quilt Dad... because, who said a guy can't quilt, please go and see his work!

Until next time, have a lovely day.


  1. I love your Grandmothers Garden Quilt! That is beautiful and I love the design!!!

  2. congratulations, you deserve it. Your quilt is gorgeous, and what a good way to keep warm.
    It's hard to fathom winter here with our hot rainy day.

  3. Congratulations Julia! You deserve that award. Thankyou kindly for giving it to me.
    I have just been to visit John's blog, & loved it! Also love his dog of course!
    Now... if only Gom would quilt...


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