Sunday, July 20

Babette Blanket...Crochet

Have you seen the Babette Blanket that seem to be the latest thing in crochet...

I showed these pictures of the Babette Blanket to my DD Linda and she fell in love with it, and has decided to do one. Linda loves to crochet, but can only do the basics in crochet.
She has made several blankets in crochet , but just going round and round making a big square.
I thought the Babette with all the squares in different sizes and colours would be more fun for her to do...she thought so too!

I had a couple of jumpers I knitted way back when, could be over 20 years ago now.
I loved the blue one so much, that I also made it in red and cream which unfortunately went to the Good Sammy's.....Many times I nearly put these in the Good Sammy bag with the others, but I'm so glad now that I didn't!

Would you believe I made the Pinkish one for my DH...he loved the zip up front and the shawl collar, he did wear it for a while, probably as not to hurt my feelings ...but pink, what was I thinking!...Well, I liked the colour, but it was too big for me..

I spent a couple of hours last night unpicking the blue jumper to give to my DD for her blanket
Pure wool these days is so expensive, and this wool was the best you could buy then, so I'm glad Linda will be able to make good use of it..

off to make the most of the sunshine today, before it starts raining again.
Have a lovely day..


  1. Hi Julia,
    Yes, the Babette Blankets are just gorgeous - unpicking jumpers, nuh!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  2. I was trying to make a apple core quilt.I was about to give up on it. I just came across your blog an there your quilt was . It is so nice I think I will try again.


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