Saturday, July 19

Another Laundry Quilt...

Still hand quilting!

Here's another quilt in my laundry.

I do love this quilt, made years ago with Debbie Mumm fabrics.
The sunflowers are made separately after the quilt is put together, and then attached to the quilt to give a 3D effect.
The mini quilts hang freely on the line with little pegs .

The original design is by Tita Leach and was 1.5 metres long, I scaled down the quilt to fit my laundry wall.

Tita is well known for her naive applique and fun designs...a lot were in the country theme.
Here is a link and another of Tita Leach's designs for those that might be interested, this one is quite whimsy with angels and mushrooms.

I am not affiliated in any way, just thought you might like to see more of her designs..

Well, our wild weather has passed with no damage to our place, and today is a little cold but a beautiful sunny day..

Enjoy your day..


  1. That is such a cute little quilt, I've never seen anything like it before.

  2. Glad the sun is out again for you.
    Loved reading you new entries, keep up with the hand quilting it's looking good.


  3. Very Beautiful!!! I just love everything about it!

  4. Wonderfull washing line with great quilts, Thankyou


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