Friday, June 6

Son's Cooking Tips & Recipes...

A quick post before I go and get ready for the day...

My son Joe and family are coming for lunch today!
I'm excited!!

Now that Joe has sold the restaurant and having a well earned break, they have more time to do the things that they never had time to do before.
We live about an hours drive away from them, so with the restaurant and being so busy, quick pop in visits were just not possible..

Have you been to his blogs.. check out his tips on peeling onions, tears free... and there's a great read on what Sunday breakfasts were like in the restaurant and how to cook the perfect poached egg....I know I could not have done it.
There's also some fun little sayings on his sidebar..

I think I'll make his Sticky Date Pudding for dessert!

Have a lovely day...


  1. I think I like them better on the straight as well. It looks great!! Glad you are able to spend more time with Joe and the family.

  2. Hope you had a lovely leisurely Catch Up Lunch with your Son & his Family Julia.

  3. Enjoy your dinner with your son. I have his blog on my Google Reader, and I am going to make some of his recipes. It is so generous of him to share them. Now if I can just keep my hands from smelling like onion for the rest of the day. I bought some little metal gadget that supposedly helps, but I can't find it.

  4. Oh mY your Joe is wonderful-I sure enjoy trying out his recipes and I made sticky date pudding toinight (sunday) and I was soo happy I was able to toally adapt the recipe too Gluten Free without anything going ass up yipee....
    cheers Vickie


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