Wednesday, June 18

Scrappy Apple Core Blocks...

Yesterday, Lurline, Robin, Jan and I went up to our monthly Guild sewing day, which is on the third Tuesday of the month.
It's a good hours drive north of us, Jan drove us up, and with the cost of petrol the way it is today, it makes sense for us to travel together.
It's always a great day, we meet up with our quilty friends, sew, chat and catch up, our table of friends have grown so much we need to add on another table!

It's a big group with over 200 people there on the day, and does get quite crowded.
We have a great library of books that we can borrow from, just about any book that one can think of can be found there, and after lunch we have show and tell, the girls do beautiful work and their quilts are amazing!

I didn't want to take my Grandma's Garden Hex quilt with me, it's just a bit big and cumbersome to sit and hand quilt, when we are limited for space, some girls do take their hand quilting, but I thought I'd take something smaller to work on.
So the night before I cut out some Apple Core pieces to American hand piece together.....I know, I should not have started another project, but that's what we quilters do!.....
Above is what I managed to put together in a few hours in between chatting and looking through the library.
I am wanting an old vintage style looking quilt so I am using my reproduction fabrics for this apple core quilt, it's amazing how little fabric is needed to cut the shapes, so I'm able to use up little left over pieces from my other quilts.

Off to make coffee and see what the day brings...I'm still waiting for my " Quilting in the Line" book, hopefully it will arrive today

Have a lovely day


  1. Well, as you said , we often start new things while the other one is not ready. But I love it and I love your choice for this project too. It is the old way to make a quilt, use the rests to make something usefull :-)

  2. I love the start of your apple core quilt. I don't think we can ever have enough projects going at once, can we?

  3. Thats going to be pretty Julia.

  4. Really enjoying the mixture of colours & fabrics Julia... Not heard of Scrappy Apple Core or American Hand Piecing before...

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day of doing what you like to do with people who you like to be with, what could be a better treat.

  6. Hi Julia
    I miss my quilting days with Lurline very much,anyway must not think about it to much, otherwise I cry.
    I have always wanted to do the Apple-core quilt, it is looking great.


  7. Wow! the patience!
    I have to use the machine.


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