Wednesday, June 11

One Last Teddy...for now!

I'll just post this one last teddy...for now!

It was a bit hard to get a good photo, but here he is.
This is Hector, some say he looks more like a dog than a bear...I call him my 'funny character bear'.
Hector is made up in a long shaggy sage green German Mohair, he has a long nose and long skinny bent legs that are crossed over one another as he lies flat on his tummy, his arms in front of him.
Hector is about 16 inches long.

I think he's kinda cute!..


  1. I think Hector is cute too, and he looks like a very relaxed (I wouldn't want to say lazy) type of personality. He looks like he would be very happy just to spend the afternoon cuddling. Maybe, that relaxed pose just hides a tiger.

  2. I LOVE Hector! I think he does have real character!


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