Monday, June 2

Mystery Quilt...step 5 at last!

Here it last!

At last, with Lurline's help, I have started step five!
Lurline had just the right colour blue, and generously let me have it for step five....I love it, thank you!

I really struggled getting the right colour for this step, I tried burgundy, but it was just too dark, a different blue, but that was not right either.
I just wanted to get started on this step before the next step is revealed.
I can't really call it Orange Crush, so it will have to just be "Berry Crush".
Now on to seeing the next step and finishing off the quilt..

Here is step five and step four together..


  1. Wow! This is going to be ONE beautiful quilt - I hope this quilt brings a lot of joy to a lot of people - QuiltWest 2009?
    Happy sewing, Julia!
    Love - Lurline.

  2. What a lovely combination, the blue and pink really set each other off nicely.

  3. It is just right, and will be a beautiful quilt. Berry Crush sounds delicious. Sometime's it pays off to hold out for the perfect fabric.

  4. These mystery quilts are so fascinating. One of these days I might get brave enough to make one!LOL.


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