Wednesday, June 4

More Teddies..

Here are three more of my teddies...

At the back is Thomas, he is gorgeous and stands about 18 inches tall.
Then there's Toby, he is made up in a beautiful Burgundy German Mohair, and next to him is Edward wearing a woollen scarf around his neck...don't they have the cutest faces!
As the saying goes.."When all else fails, hug your teddy".

Must go and do some work...


  1. The teddies are adorable, and so is their little quilt rack with their own little quilts. I think the front one must be Edward's. He's secure in his masculinity and can handle flowers and hearts. The other is Toby's, and Thomas is so tough that he laughs at the cold. I think I got up too early this morning, and need to go back to bed for more sleep.

  2. Julia, the teddies are adorable and ditto what Candace wrote. Even wanting to go back to bed. :))

  3. Those teddies are cute. I love the little quilt rack you have in the background. My DH gave me teddy whose name is Hero. I admit I sleep with him when DH is traveling.


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