Sunday, June 15

Grandma's Garden Quilt..hand quilting

Today it's a rainy, cold, dull day out there...a good day for staying indoors sewing!

So perhaps a good day for snuggling under the quilt to do some more hand quilting on my Grandma's Garden Quilt.
I'm certainly not the best of hand quilters, but I like the homely warm old fashion look of hand quilting.
I have tried all sorts of methods, hoops, little frames, with Aunt Becky's finger guard, but I like to just lap quilt the best...that's what works for me, so I'll stick to that
I'm quilting a 1 inch apart cross hatch on the diagonal in the centre medallion piece, using a 1 inch wide masking tape as my guide.

Time for morning coffee.
Have a lovely day..


  1. One of the lovely things abut quilting is, it is best to do it the way it pleases us the most!That is looking very nice.

  2. I enjoy hand quilting too, but I can't get on with equipment either. It's a very comforting thing to do on a dismal day, or in the evenings. Have fun.

  3. Julia, I wish I was quilting, too! Yours is looking beautiful.
    'Bye - Lurline.

  4. Hi Julia

    I too love hand quilting, it is my favourit. I also teach lap quilting and have had lots and lots of people through my classes that have almost given up hand quilting as they thought they had to use a hoop. Well we know it can be done without.
    By the way did you manage to get the dye catchers?


  5. I enjoyed hand quilting when I was doing it years ago, and I did the lap quilting also. I used the rawhide on one side and sweater on the other side thimbles, I'm thinking they were called pioneer thimbles, and that worked very well for me. You make me want to do some again. Your quilt is looking very pretty.

  6. Your Grandma's Garden quilt looks very interesting. I enjoy hand quilting. I use a hoop that is on a little lap stand. I look forward to seeing the finished project.


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