Thursday, June 26

Catch Up...Rough Diamonds!

I don't have a picture for you today, but pop over to Lurline's Place and see us having a quiltly day of laughter, fun and of course food.

Lurline loves to cook, so there is always a beautiful cake or two for us to enjoy, along with lots of other lovely tasties.

This group of girls called 'Rough Diamonds' are so much fun, life would be so boring without them in my life.
Hey, we are not really that rough, but all together we do have fun!

This group was started and called Rough Diamonds because we did have good intentions of making the "Quilted Diamonds" by Linda Franz.
Barbara Anne seen waving her arms around in Lurline's photo has actually made quite a few diamonds and they are beautiful!
I didn't get to make a start on them because my Dh had that terrible accident at the beginning of this year and that put a full stop on many things, but life is slowly getting back to some kind of normal...

OK, I must go and finish quilting my Berry Crush, the top is quilted, nothing fancy, but it's quilted.....binding is on and I just need to quilt down the border now.
Have a lovely day.

P.S. For those that asked about my chef Son, I thought you might like to know....My son Joe has started a new job with Qantas as catering and food manager, now wearing a suit and tie instead of his chef's hat and apron.
I'm so happy for him, this will be a nice change..


  1. Congtulations to Joe. I hope he still continues with his blog!
    Now, I must go off to see the pics at Lurline's.

  2. Congratulations to your son Joe for his new job, and to you for having the OC almost finished. I saw Lurline's post on your get together, and it looked like a very good time.

  3. Hi Julia,
    You are always welcome here ... don't we have such good times together ... doesn't take much to make us laugh and be happy, does it?
    'Bye - Lurline.

  4. Most Definately Flying Quantas Now... Julia !!!


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