Friday, June 27

Berry Crush Quilted....done!

My Berry Crush is quilted...all finished!

It's been great fun making this quilt with girls from all over the world on the net.
As busy as she is Bonnie generously gave us her precious time to put together this mystery quilt for us to make....we all know how much time and effort goes into that plus writing up the instructions!
With Bonnie's step by step guidance in making the top, here is my finished quilt!

I just took close up pictures of the border quilting for you to see, perhaps you can also see what I have done all over the quilt...nothing fancy, but I think enough to finish off the quilt.
When I get a bit more practice in on my new machine, I'll tackle something more feathers!

I set my blocks on the straight so I decided to stitch across and through the blocks on the diagonal. I made cigar shaped templates out of template plastic and quilted these shapes down certain parts of the quilt top.

With a slightly bigger cigar shaped template I marked in and quilted around the border, I started at the corners so that I made sure the sides ended up meeting, where the design did not quite meet in the middle I swung the stitching out to the top and bottom of the border making a diamond shape....BTW, I used a piece of green soap to make in the designs.

It's been fun, but I'm so glad it's finished, now to get onto my Dear Jane...

Have a lovely day..


  1. Well done, Julia! I have seen this quilt in real life and it is beautifully quilted. Julia says it's not fancy quilting, but it certainly enhances the design of the quilt, any busier would be too much on a busy quilt.
    'Bye - Lurline.

  2. I think that is the perfect amount of quilting for this quilt! It looks beautiful!! I love how you quilted the borders. I've never thought of using soap to mark a quilt, I will have to try that sometime.

  3. It's beautiful, and the quilting just enhances the whole look. I love your colors and the fabrics.

  4. Lovely quilting - just enough on such a busy quilt. Quilting doesn't need to be fancy to be effective does it. Well done for doing so well on such an early quilting effort.

  5. Congratulations Julia! You have finished the quilt very quick and it turned out great! I like those old fashion color range.

  6. The quilting is stunning Julia and just enough for such a busy quilt. I do like the border quilting. Very stylish. I never though of using soap as a marker. I really must try it sometime.

  7. The quilting is fabulous. I love your idea for marking up.

    love and hugs xxx

  8. Fantastic Julia, it looks great.

  9. Great job it looks fantastic, mine is still on the floor to be pieced.



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