Thursday, June 12

Berry Crush Quilt...borderd and pinned

At last my Berry Crush mystery quilt is bordered and pinned ready for quilting.

I added a brown civil war reproduction fabric for the first border and then a small print burgundy fabric for the outer border.
I have no idea how I will quilt it, I would love to play and do fancy quilting, but I still need lots of practice with my new quilting machine.

I bought some of the new Bamboo batting to try, when pinning, I found that sometimes the pins went in easily and other times they were hard to push through the layers and even pushed a little of the batting through to the front...could have been that my pins were blunt, we'll see how it goes under the machine.
I must add tho, that the batting does feel lovely and soft to touch.

I have this quilting book on order and hopefully will arrive very soon.
I could take the easy way out and just do stippling all over, or perhaps cross hatch quilting, but I'll wait and see if this new book will inspire me to be more adventurous and try new quilting techniques.

Dental appointment today...hope it doesn't hurt too much!

Have a lovely day..


  1. Your Berry Crush is looking really good. I am liking the straight setting more and more and your colors are so beautiful. Can't wait to see it quilted. Are you quilting it on your new Pfaff Grand Quilter?

  2. I like the way you have set your blocks. Looking good.

    It must be dental season or something. Luckily the tooth I broke was one that had had root canal done, so no pain, & no injections! It is all mended now.

  3. Your quilt looks good - I agree with Candace about the setting. I look forward to hearing about your quilting. Best of luck at the dentist - I'm in the middle of a course of treatment too, not my favourite person to visit!

  4. I like the way the quilt turned out! It looks very nice already. Wish you good luck at the dentist ;-)

  5. I love the name, sounds rather luscious.
    I also chuckle when you say 'take the easy way out and stipple' I long to get to the day when I have that confidence..however I am sure you will do something much more exciting than stippling, except perhaps in small places for this one.
    It lends itself to picking up the diagonal points and doing white a bit of stitch in the ditch. Might be interesting to do something in the middle of the brown squares.
    At least you have the hard part done.......ti is ready for quilting.
    All the best and look forward to a wonderful finished product.

  6. Your quilt is beautiful, love the colors.

  7. Hello! You visited my blog, so I just had to come visit yours to learn about you. I can see that you do absolutely gorgeous crazy quilting and ribbon work. I sent my friend your blog address so that she can visit. She is not a blogger but she does wonderful crazy quilting and silk ribbon embroidery.
    I see that you also do more traditional quilting. I like your "Berry Crush". You used different color choices than most that I have seen doing the "Orange Crush" mystery quilt.
    I will be back to visit again.

  8. You came to my blog so I had to come to yours.
    I wish I had done mine in a straight set too. But I love both of them as they are.
    I really like your berry crush...great colors and I want a kitty made by you!
    XOXO Subee

  9. Looks great - how's the quilting coming along??


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