Tuesday, June 24

At Last...book has arrived!

I'm going to have a little whinge here, please ignore if you don't want to read it!!..

Would you believe that I ordered this book on EBay on the 4th June, and it just arrived this morning at 7.15 am!

What really makes me angry is that I paid extra to have it "Expedited Shipping 6 - 10 days" ... as they called it.
To top things off...our courier postal service must work the night shift!!
The last few times, I have found my packages outside my door early in the morning.
All day long, I'm checking for parcels that I am expecting as the courier doesn't even have the courtesy to ring the door bell when he drops a parcel off....they could be there all day and I wouldn't know so I'm checking as late as 7.00pm even...nothing!
Then in the morning, it's there...Arhhh!

I just had to let that out of my system!

OK now maybe, I can get back to quilting my 'Berry Crush", I did start on it, but I unpicked it as it was not that good, hopefully this book will be of help and inspirational..

Have a lovely stitching day..


  1. You should subtly send your blog link to the ebay seller and to the courier service! Hope the book inspires you. I'm still putting off quilting my Strawberry Crush and practising on smaller pieces.

  2. I hate my mail system too! It is always a mess.

    The book looks like a good one! Your Berry Crush is beautiful! Are you hand or machine quilting it??

  3. Rant away Julia - I hate it when that happens too. I nearly bought that book but opted for some others on Machine quilting (will blog them when I get them) from Fishpond.com.au - hopefully they will be here next week. Let us know what you think of this book - I would be interested to hear.

  4. Isn't it frustrating? My mail is often delivered to the shop below the apartment and even though the girls are there until quilte late some evenings they don't put it out until the next day!!

    Good luck with quilting Berry Crush.

  5. We seem to have most of the same problems as you, including the drivers (not sure which, we have US mail, UPS, and Fedex and another one) at times just dropping and running. We have had the same thing where we didn't find it until the next day. One time we even had a package stolen from the front porch. If you want to read about really really bad mail service, read La Gringa's blog about Honduras:
    It makes ours seem so good.

  6. Isn't the postal system frustrating! Ours is too. Leaves packages on the porch with no bell ringing as well so if I'm waiting I have to keep a close watch!

  7. Julia, I agree with what is happening here with parcel delivery. I am always concerned with this rainy, wintery weather that the contents will get wet. Often one of the family will come in or go out the front door and there's a parcel - and if there had been the slightest knock my puppies sure would have let me know. 'Bye - Lurline.


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