Wednesday, May 21

Off to the Show...

I'm so excited, like a little kid going out to play...I'm off to the craft show!

This show only comes around once a year, and if there's one show you must go to it's this one!
Vendors from over east and over seas bring new ideas, gadgets and stuff for us to see.
There will be free workshops to take part in, workshops for quilting, beading, doll making, just about everything you can think of will be there....

Then there's the big quilt show, that all the girls have submitted their quilts in for judging and exhibition, and this year, there will be an exhibition of Japanese textiles, never seen outside of Japan before.....just one day there won't be enough!

For the girls sending their best wishes and asking if I had won a prize this year, the answer is no, I would have had a phone call on Sunday night if I had.
I made my Little Bright Quilt as a last minute inspiration, mainly to get back into sewing again after DH's accident, it was a lovely bright and cheery quilt to make after a worrying and stressful time.

I am so looking forward to seeing who and what the prize winning quilts are like, I'm told the workmanship and creative talent on the quilts are amazing.
I shall take photos if I'm allowed

Must go, I have a train to catch...


  1. Well, I would have given your bright quilt a prize! It is just lovely, & knowing the story behind your making it, makes it even more special.
    Hope you enjoy the show!

  2. Have a terrific time, it all sounds too mouth-watering and nowhere near enough time to get round everything. I look forward to hearing more about it after your visit - spend moderate amounts of money - enough to feel good, not enough to feel guilty!


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