Tuesday, May 27

My New Toy..

I have a new toy!

Yesterday, I went out shopping and came home with a new toy, a Pfaff Grand Quilter.
I have heard great comments about this machine that I had to try it for myself, and after a bit of a play with it in the shop, I was very impressed and bought it!

Last week at the craft show I was looking at the quilting frames, I was so impressed by one, that I really, really wanted it!
I agonized over it for a few days, even lost sleep over it, tossing up whether I should or shouldn't buy it.
I came home after the show and tried free motion sewing on my old sewing machine again, and it just does not live up to my expectations.
It has a sensor system where it finds it own tension, so there is no tension control on my machine that I could adjust...I'm so tired of it not giving the perfect top and bottom tension when free motion stitching.
Oh dear, this sounds like I'm trying to justify buying a new machine....grin..as DH says, "Not another sewing machine"

Getting back to the quilting frame, there was no point in buying the frame if my old machine was not going to give me a nice finished quilted result, so I decided to buy this new machine instead.
The frame worked great with the machine that was on display with it, but mine just was not going to work that well, perhaps later down the track when finances permit, I will think about the quilting frame again.

Bonnie has posted step 5 of the mystery quilt OC, so today is a good day for sewing on my new machine..

Have a lovely day..


  1. Oh, Julia! What a surprise - I am sure you will love your new machine - good German engineering and it will be a work horse. The integrated dual feed on Pfaffs is wonderful.
    Happy sewing - love Lurline.

  2. How lovely. Isn't it great to get a new toy to play with. I'm hoping to get a new machine later this year, so it's good to hear about other people's machines and pick up some tips. Have fun.

  3. How exciting! At least when you've saved the money for the frame, you know you have a machine that will help you create stunning quilting!

  4. O wow, congrats with you new machine, you deserve one! You make the most fabulous quilts lately!

  5. Enjoy your new machine, just think of all the finished projects you will now have!

  6. Enjoy your new machine! I bought a FabUMotion at the Quilt show and picked it up yesterday - I am looking forward to playing with it over the weekend.

  7. Congrats on your new machine!!

    I went to the quilt show last week when I was in Perth and saw a quilt frame that I REALLY liked .. wonder if it was the same one that you saw ... initials JW.
    The special price offer has ended now, I did not buy it.

  8. WOW that looks like a spiffy machine! Congrats and have fun with the free motioning on it!!!


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