Monday, May 19

My Little Bright Quilt...

Here is the little bright quilt I made for the big Quilt and Craft show on this week.
The judging was done over the weekend, so it's OK now to show the quilt.

The show itself starts on Wednesday, here I am with my Japanese quilt at last years show.
Those that know me, know that this is not really my style or colours, but the theme for this year is "Carnival of Colour".

I whipped this up in a week, it was a nice bright cheery little quilt to work on after a very difficult time with my DH's accident.
It's not my own design, I think it would be lovely for either a boy or a's designed by Donna Ragone and you can buy the pattern here...

Have a lovely day...


  1. I love it, and I think you summed up the title really well, it truly is a carnival of colour. When do you find out who won?

  2. It is a gorgeous quilt. It looks very intricate, I'm impressed that you made it in only a week, was that to make the top, or the quilting and everything. Either way, I'm in awe.

  3. Lovely! Brights are so much fun to work with. :-)

  4. That is very lively and I would say fits the topic very well Julia and a lovely outcome too! Good luck and hope you come home with a ribbon!!!

    BTW a little birdie said that Reno got some good news from his surgeon - WAY TO GO! That is GREAT as it's been a long road to recovery and I'm glad you've reached that milestone and hopefully onto more "fun" things.

    Hugz, Rose Anne

  5. Wow, in a week, you do work fast. I think these bright colours are great, hope you win a prize.

  6. I like your Carnival of Colour and your Grandma's Garden quilts. Both of them are lovely.


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