Friday, May 9

Hexagon Quilt....border applique

Quick post, before I have to dash out...

This is what I have done on one of the corner borders of my Grandma's Garden quilt.
I appliqued the flowers and tulips on to match the ones in the vase.
Not sure if I will do the same on all four corners, or just on the opposite top corner.

I'm really just about over this quilt, and would love to have it done, and put together ready for the hand quilting.

Must go, have a lovely day..


  1. This corner applique looks so pretty. My view - it may probably have more impact if it's on just the two opposing corners. Not long to go now.

  2. Looks lovely, very old fashion!The right colors and the right fabrics.

  3. That looks wonderful Julia. Flowers in all corners may be a little too much, but it's hard to say without seeing the whole top.

  4. Julia, this is a beautiful quilt. My grandmother use to love this pattern and I remember seeing her make more than one of these quilts.

  5. Your quilt is lovely and the corner applique is perfect.

  6. Julia, I printed out your instructions for the CQ Victorian Box on CQMagOnline website. It is just lovely. Thank you for sharing your idea. I noticed the hummingbird applique on your box. I purchased one hummingbird lace applique at a recent quilt show. I dyed it (can see on my website) and just fell in love with it. I have been looking everywhere for more and unfortumately I am unable to find any. I contacted the vendor from the quilt show and none are available. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might find them? Thank you for considering my question.

  7. I think that your quilt is exquisite, and I personally think the border would be lovely in each corner if you felt like doing it.

  8. The quilt is stunning Julia. Well done.



  9. Beautiful, Julia - soon be ready for hand-quilting - I'll be too frightened to phone or pop around as you will be so busy.
    Love Lurline.

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  11. Hi Julia

    lovely quilt, I also think I would only put the applique on two corners.
    Have fun hand quilting.



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