Monday, May 26

Goodbye Gratzi...sold

It's a little sad, but it's goodbye to my son's restaurant Gratzi.
He was ready to move on, and as Joe said."Life goes on Mum".

It was his passion, and his life, now he needs a little break before he takes up another new challenge.

I'm very proud of Joe and my DIL Angie and what they have acheived...

Here's a couple of photos from yesterday

On the left is my daughter Linda and I.
Here is DGS Glenn, my daughter's son, our son Laurie and DH, doesn't DH look great now, he is making a great recovery from his accident..

and here is a photo of us all eating, sitting opposite me is DGD Melissa, my daughter's daughter.
Just look at the concentration on their faces as they enjoy the food, it says it all!!
I couldn't get a photo of Joe as he was busy in the kitchen.
Even with a fully booked out restaurant, and us lot here enjoying lunch, Joe was also preparing for a "Thank You" cocktail party for 100 loyal regular customers that evening..

I just have to add...guess what I had for dessert...sticky date pudding of course...
Enjoy your day...


  1. What great pictures. It's really wonderful to see your DH out and about, looking so good!

  2. I wish your son & his wife all the Luck in the world for their future!


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