Thursday, May 15

Gathering of Friends...

Yesterday my SRE friends came over for a morning of sewing, chatter, tea and cake.

From the left, there is Sandra, me, Golda, Pam, Janet, Margaret, and Melanie holding her 9 week old grandson.
One of the girls Jeannie was missing as her Dh was not well.

I did not however do much sewing, I just enjoy having the company and friendships.
I taught this group of girls SRE five years ago goodness, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago!
We have shared fun happy times, sad times, one of the girls was very sick at one time, a marriage, new grandchildren being born and a little hiccup in our friendships, but that's all water under the bridge now...
Here you can see a bed footer/ runner wedding gift we all made for Jeannie...and here are my crinoline lady blocks we all did for each other..

I still have to make something with the crinoline lady blocks..
I just had to share with you this beautiful Beaded Hexagon Box Golda brought along to show us, she just made it for her granddaughter's birthday coming up, Golda made it from my pattern which you can see in my sidebar.
This photo just does not do it justice, the beads she used just sparkle and set the SRE embroidery off beautifully.

Must go and make a start on the day, so much to do...


  1. Such a happy group! What beautiful items to see. That lovely beaded hexagon is beautiful too.

  2. Ohh that is so nice that you're getting together with some ladies for stitching again! Enjoy!

    AND boy those Crinoline Ladies are just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs, Rose Anne


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