Friday, May 30

A Few Teddies...

A few of my teddies...

I have played on my new sewing machine, but nothing worth showing at this stage.
As I have not done any stitching these last few days, I thought I would show you some of my teddies.

Before patchwork, quilting and SRE I was into making teddies.... I love my teddies. I have made 35 teddies in all.
The bears are made out of german mohair, with jointed arms, legs and neck, glass eyes, with a little bow or something just to finish off their personality.
You can click on the photo for a bigger picture.

Their little faces are all so cute and different, I can't help talking to them as I go around dusting them from time to time...I know I must look and sound funny when I do this, can't help it.....I must be going through my second childhood!

From the left is; Elvin the forest bear, dear little Simpson after the war good Samaritan, Dreamy Jemima complete with eyelashes, and Georgina in her little cardigan.

Hope to get some stitching done this afternoon..


  1. Your teddies are completely adorable. My aunt made some, and I have the pattern she sent me, you make me want to dig it out and see if I can do one. How could you help but talk with them, I see no problem with that.

  2. What lovely teddies. I have kept all my teddies since I was a child and added quite a few over the years since. They've all been tidied away until we move and I can have them out again. It's so nice to have a quick cuddle now and then. I've never made them though.

  3. Your Teddies are so sweet. Did you knit little Georgina's lovely cardigan?

  4. Your teddies are wonderful....I like them all but my favorite is little Georgina but shhhh, don't tell the others-I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings. I haven't made any but I do collect them. I have a book with patterns but can't get enough sewing time in for my quilting let alone anything else! One of these days....hugs, Linda


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