Sunday, May 25

Anyone for Cake....Sticky Date Pudding

Do you love sticky date pudding?....

I just had to post and tell you about my son's recipe on his blog for his yummy Sticky Date Pudding.
I tell you it's to die for..... Dh's and my favourite, you must try it and leave Joe a comment!

When my Dh was in hospital recently Joe used to take him up a meal and a sticky date pud nearly every day. Dh doesn't remember it, but I'm sure that it's what helped to keep him going at the time....well, you know how awful some hospital food can be!

Joe has just sold the restaurant and today is the last day, we have been invited to go up for a "Goodbye Gratzi' lunch with family.

It's a little sad, starting out from scratch, building up an award winning restaurant, and now after five years, he has achieved his dream and felt it was time to move onto a new challenge....


  1. It looks yummy, I am going to try the recipe.
    It's a little sad, but it sounds like his choice, and I'll bet that he will go on to another challenge.

  2. You've reminded me of the time when my son was in hospital. He was only 12 and had ME so badly he was in hospital for 8 weeks to have intensive physiotherapy and loads of tests. He was pretty miserable as you can imagine, and we used to take him food from home most days. His favourite was when we took him some chips (french fries) - the smell seemed to go through the whole hospital!


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