Tuesday, April 22

Vanilla Slice...

Do you like vanilla slices....I love them so does my DH!

I'm going to a sewing day at my dear friend's place, Lurline is hosting the day for us.
We get together to chat and sew...well, we are supposed to be sewing!
I made these yummy vanilla slices to take.
Those that know me , know that I'm not very fond of cooking, but these slices are an exception as they never fail, they always turn out great.
Above is the slice cooked and iced, ready to cut up into smaller serve size pieces.
The icing is made from passion fruit pulp.

This is the slice cut up ready to go...that's about half of the slice on this plate.

Here is the recipe, I'm sure you will love it too....

2 Sheets frozen puff pastry ..........1 litre whole milk
1 cup sugar....................... 1 oz butter
3/4 cup cornflour............ 2 egg yolks
1/2 cup custard powder......... 2 teaspoons vanilla

Place thawed out pastry sheets on lightly greased trays, prick all over with fork to prevent sheets rising and cook until golden brown.... let cool.
Combine sugar, cornflour and custard powder in a heavy based saucepan.
Blend with a little of the milk until smooth, stir in the remainder of the milk; add butter.
Stir constantly over medium heat until custard boils and thickens. You really have to beat/stir hard to prevent lumps.
Reduce heat, simmer for two minutes.
Remove from heat, quickly add vanilla, then quickly add beaten egg yolks, stir well to blend in egg yolks.
Pour hot custard immediately over pastry in tray, place remaining cooked pastry sheet on top with flattened/ smooth side up.
Press pastry firmly down onto custard.
Place in refrigerator to cool and set, when cool enough, ice with lemon or passion fruit icing.

Icing: 1 cup icing sugar, 1 teaspoon butter, passion fruit pulp.
add enough water ( Passion fruit pulp may be enough) for a thick spreading consistency. beat well, spread on pastry top.
Cool over night, cut into serve size pieces..


  1. >>Drool<< Save me a slice I'm coming for tea!

  2. That sounds so yummy. I have to try it!

  3. I've saved this one - I'll try it this weekend! Just when I decided to go back on my diet too. ;)

  4. Oh my! These look scrumptious! I've never had anything like this before. I'll have to give it a go.


  5. That's just not fair! I have a wheat allergy and can't make pastries - non-wheat flour just doesn't work properly. I do hope you and your friends enjoyed the vanilla slice.

  6. I've never heard of this before! Sounds yummy! I love custard so I think it will be right up my allley. I'm going to try it! By the way I like the center you picked for you flower garden quilt...suites it nicely.

  7. The Vanilla slices look and sound YUMMY! I love anything Vanilla.
    Thanks for posting your recipe. I'm going to make it.
    Love your blog, I found your blog while looking at another blog. I'm glad I did.
    Keep Creating.

  8. Oh how YUMMY these look. My mouth is just watering all over my keyboard. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  9. Julia, I would fly to AU for this! I must try it and take a day off of WW :-) Shame on you.


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