Sunday, April 20

Three Books Covered...

Three books covered for my three wonderful neighbours..

How do I thank my three neighbours, who came to my aid when my DH fell off the roof.
Words are not enough, I could never repay them or say enough thank yous...

When it happened, I screamed and then just froze, they heard my scream and in an instant were banging on my side gate to let them in..
I know in my heart, that if it had not been for them, coming to my aid so quickly and reviving DH things could have been so different.

I thought and thought of what I could do to say ' thank you',
I thought I would invite the three of them to a nice morning tea, give them these little address books that I have covered and will write a little thank you note inside.

It doesn't seem enough for what they did for me, but the heart design, tho it is simple, I hope represents the gratitude that comes from my heart...


  1. Just beautiful, Julia! What a lovely memory for the girls to have - I'm sure the neighbours count their blessings every day when they see Teno walking about again!

  2. How pretty - and I'm sure the love and gratitude you want to express will be received graciously!

  3. What a lovely idea. I'm sure your neighbours will be really touched by your thoughtfulness

  4. Julia the books are lovely and express your feelings very good :)

  5. Julia, the address books are beautiful and the sentiment even more so. Your neighbors will be very touched. I am sure they treasure you and your DH very much and would be beside themselves if they couldn't have helped you. What a lovely sentiment. You are such a dear friend. I am so happy DH is better. I think of you two often.

  6. Ditto to all the above - you could not have chosen anything better than a handmade gift for your Good Samaritan neighbours. And useful too - not just another dust collecting knicknack!


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