Thursday, April 24

Quilting Friends...

I had a great day at Lurline's sewing get together yesterday..

We always have so much fun chatting, eating, stitching and looking at the lovely quilts the girls are working on.
I was only able to stay till lunch time, but I believe the show and tell afterwards was beautiful.
Above is a photo of Pat and I, Pat is a beautiful quilter, the roses are from her garden.

Now, Lurline is trying to talk me into changing my profile photo from my shoe to this one of me here...OK, I guess you all know the shoe is mine and it may be time for a change, well, you do now know what I look like, so here goes.

Have a great day.


  1. It's a lovely photograph. It IS nice to know what people look like, so I guess I need to do something about my own photograph.

  2. Good for Lurline! That's a great photo. :-)

  3. You're beautiful!
    Love - Lurline.

  4. Beautiful and creative women enjoying the day..lovely photo, and I am so happy to see your smiling face.


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