Wednesday, April 30

OC Quilt Step 3..

Step 3 of the mystery quilt is done..

These were really quite quick and easy to do, which is great, so now I can get on with something else while we wait for step 4.
Not really sure what I should call my quilt, Orange Crush... I don't think will suit this quilt of mine.

Perhaps, I may call it 'Mulberry Crush', they don't show up here, but in that lot above I seem to have a lot of deep reds and burgundy...I'll just have to see how it all comes together!

Off to work on my Grandma's Garden quilt, I want to work on a applique border for it, so I can get it ready for hand quilting..

Happy Stitching.


  1. Step 3 was pretty easy wasn't it? Do post some photographs of your Grandma's Garden quilt - I've just started on stitching some hexagons and am looking for inspiration as to what to do with them

  2. Great blocks! I found this step a little harder, but I'm ready for step #4 now too!


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