Friday, April 4

My Sewing Box

Still not too much sewing getting much to finish off but not enough time!

This beautiful tin was my sewing box in primary school, looking at it now it seems a lot smaller than I remember it being.
This really takes me back to my childhood and remembering the happy times spent stitching and where my love of sewing started.
I have had this tin for over fifty years, it's still my all time favourite of all my tins, and I do have a few, I would very carefully fold up my little sewing projects in it.
I remember doing drawn thread worked on linen, that's something I would love to get back into.
The cross stitch worked on gingham aprons, also the beautiful doilies of crinoline ladies and baskets of flowers with embroidered bows trailing out of the handles.

It's such a shame that this type of stitching is not done/taught in schools anymore

This is a better picture I found online of the one on the tin It's called,

"The Age of Innocence" by Joshua Reynolds


  1. Having read remarks from you Aussie ladies about learning stitching in primary school, I had often wondered if it was still taught. I too am sad to know that it has gone by the wayside. Several times this year, I have thought about teaching a short class in our afterschool program. Unfortunately, the demands of teaching all day and the never-ending afterschool meetings have prevented me from doing that. Maybe after I retire I just might do that on a volunteer basis. Young people (can't say just girls anymore) should have an opportunity to find the joy of stitching.

  2. I have a little old bag I made for one of my sewing classes at school. My mother kept it all the those years, & after she died I found it. It still had some of my old embriodery inside!
    Your tin is priceless of course.

  3. What a beautiful tin and how awesome you still have it after all these years. My grandmother taught my many needlecrafts. I do remember in school we used to have a day where we could take "fun" courses such as crocheting, embroidery, etc. I don't think they teach those courses anymore and it's a shame.

  4. I love tins, too! I have quite a collection of the Whitman's Sampler tins, though they don't make many any longer. Some go way back decades and a few are more recent. At least half are ones that I bought - and ate all the candy myself!

    Yours is a real treasure, and such beautiful memories it evokes!

  5. Ohhhhhh she is just lovely! Thanks for showing us all.


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