Friday, April 25

Lest We Forget..


This day of days again we keep
In memory of those who sleep
Away beyond the quiet sea.....Away in far Gallipolli.
'Tis Anzac Day - 'tis Anzac Day..
Our soldier comrades far away,
They died in war - that we in peace
May live and love that war may cease".

Pansies for thoughts.


  1. Hi Julia, I am so pleased to see your tribute to the Anzacs on your blog. I put one on Patra's Other Place, but until I saw Bernadette's, then yours, I was surprised nobody else had done so.

  2. Oh, Julia - what a wonderful tribute - you sure can teach me a lot about blogging. I would never have thought to publish about such a memorable occasion for all Australians.
    Love your vest and bags, too.
    Love - Lurline.


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