Tuesday, April 22

Grandma's Garden Quilt..centre block.

Sorry this is such a terrible photo, I took it late last night before going to bed..
It's not even the right way up!
I'll get a better picture when the block is completed..

I just wanted to see if this vase of flowers that I have chosen for my centre medallion block is going to work with this quilt.
I thought this simple little vase was very 1930's.
I'm going to fill it with these simple daisies and tulips, plus a few leaves added to the stems should finish it off nicely.

I can just imagine back in the 1930's that this type of vase filled with flowers would be on a lace doily in the middle of the table.
I also thought perhaps a pink bow to the neck of the vase.
I'll see how it looks after I've added all the flowers and leaves..


  1. This quilt looks very light and pretty.

  2. That is a great idea for the center of a grandmother's flower quilt. Reminds me of what Gwen Marston does.pmbon


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