Saturday, April 12

Double Wedding Ring Quilt...

I'm working on sewing together the 4 patch squares for the mystery quilt 'Orange Crush', so I don't have much to post about just now.
I have 30 squares together so far, and I would really love to have all 150 done before next Monday when the next step in the mystery will be post.

In the mean time here is a photo of my Double Wedding Ring Quilt that I made 6 years ago now.
I made this quilt to commemorate our 40 th wedding anniversary.
With our anniversary coming up again very soon, I thought it was time I brought it out again and gave it an airing.
I don't like to leave it on the bed all the time for fear of it getting too soiled, and then how on earth would I get it cleaned!
I'm told it's not a good idea to have it dry cleaned because of the chemicals that would be used, and there's no way it would fit in my you can see it is quite large, it goes right over the pillows.

Must go and sew some more squares together .
Have a lovely day...


  1. I always love any version of DWR, and yours is very beautiful! I look forward to seeing your mystery blocks!

  2. Your quilt is a stunner!!!
    Well done too on having your 4 patches ready.


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