Tuesday, April 15

CQ Block...

I was tidying up my sewing after finishing my OC 4 patch blocks and came across this little CQ block I worked on a while back.
This is one of the first pieces of CQ that I did when I first found and fell in love with Crazy Quilting.
I really should make it up into something or perhaps frame it

I love the little saying..
Remember Yesterday, Dream about Tomorrow, But live Today.

I think that is a lovely way to think and live one's life, we all have our yesterdays, we all dream about what we would do tomorrow, but we must remember to live today..


  1. I really love this block. Very well done, as always.

  2. Ohhh Julia it is beautiful and the saying so appropriate too! And yes I LOVE your picture and now I have a face to match up with the shoe!!! I hope that all is progressing well for DH!

    Rose Anne


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