Tuesday, March 25

Ta..Da!...Carolina Crossroads finished!

CC is finished!...

It's so nice to get back into stitching, not only did I finish my mystery CC quilt, but I have also got back into a quilt I was going to make for this years big craft show in May.
I wasn't even going to contemplate doing it, but for me sewing is therapy...I know it's cutting it a bit fine, but I'm hoping to have it finished in time...I can only try!

I quilted my CC with machine cross hatched stitching.
The border gave me a bit of trouble with the fabric being too soft and stretchy, evidently not a very good cotton fabric...so I did a free motion medium meander over the border with a lovely Burgundy shiny variegated embroidery thread.
The binding is out of the left over scrap pieces, I didn't like it at first, but it has come up better than I thought it would.
This is one quilt that will always be a reminder of what happened during it's making, perhaps I should put that on the label for future reference for where ever it ends up...


  1. Your CC is beautiful! I'm still waiting for mine to come back from the LAs...it was too big for me to quilt at home.



  2. Julia - your quilt is absolutely stunning. Well done on finishing it. You're right - you should put a label on it saying what happened during the making of it. It really is a "crossroads" quilt.


  3. Hello Julia,
    Your crossroads is just beautiful...I am happy to read that you are being "gently" nudged into sewing ... you it so well! Keep on quilting!
    Quilty Hugz

  4. Your CC is just wonderful, Julia.
    So glad things are settling & you can do more of your sewing.

  5. Your CC looks great, congratulations on finishing it!

  6. Julia
    your CC looks great.. and I know what you mean with what life dealt you during and after making this quilt! same thing for me too..
    I am struggling with colour choices for the OC quilt, civil war or 30's?? big decision have no yardage of either, so a trip to the quilt shop is required.. which wont help, so I'll have to wing it.. again... LOL

    take care!

  7. Julia, tried replying by email but you are set on no reply.. I checked out another Big W yesterday and they had the same fabs, so of course they come home with me! LOL check Big W again, I've never seen that many 30's at once there.... they are the ROLLED american fat quarters not the flat ones.. (they are usually rubbish ones IMHO)

    take care


  8. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! Did you quilt it on a regular machine? One of the other ladies (Khris) and I were just e-mailing about what a monster this is going to be to quilt and how to do it etc... and here is yours all done and gorgeous! Great work!

  9. Wonderful quilt Julia and I hope you do well with it in the craft show.

    I can only be envious of your ability to complete such an involved quilt as I could never manage one like this.


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