Thursday, March 20

Getting Back to Stitching...

Well things have settled down here a lot now that DH is back at home.
We have Dr's appointments to keep, so I'm driving us around quite a bit.
I'm trying not to but, I'm still fussing making sure he has had his meds and seeing that he is OK showering, etc, etc...
I think it's time for me to relax a little now, and get back into some sewing.

I'm finding it hard to get back into blogging, as I really have nothing much sewing wise to blog about again just yet.

I want to finish my mystery Carolina Crossroads quilt, it's all pinned ready to be machine quilted....I would love to have this finished before the new mystery starts on the first of April...
Call me crazy, but I would love to join in with the next mystery, it's so much fun and stitching fun is what I need just now.
The girls on the Quiltville Chat, that were also doing the CC Mystery quilt, sent me some beautiful fat quaters over the last few weeks while I was visiting DH in hospital, I would like to make a memory quilt with them using one of Bonnie's scrap quilt designs.

I have my Dear Jane blocks to do, I knew this quilt would take a long time to do, but it will get done one day.
I have a 1930's fabric Grandma's Garden hexagon quilt on the go, I'm looking at doing a centre medallion block on this quilt, so I have been going through my quilting books for inspiration.
There's a colourful bright quilt I was going to make for this years Quiltwest quilt show, the theme this year is "Carnival" I made one block and had to put that aside, so that can wait until next year now.
Then there's a couple of book covers that need doing, and also a couple of hussifs to make for gifts...Pheww!....


  1. It's great to see you planning again and discussing what you might be doing.
    It prooves to me that DH is on the mend, well and truly. If you've been fussing as much as you say he may be glad of the break too! LOL

  2. Julia, blogland was not the same without you and your beautful stitching. So glad you are both home.Onwards and upwards huh?

  3. I look forward to seeing your Crossroads quilt. Good to have you back in the stitching world!

  4. I have only just discovered your blog and found you are also near Perth. I have been on a hunt to find some creative bloggers over here. I actually found you through Technorati. You have a lovely site and I am glad things are looking brighter for you and DH.


  5. Great to see you have found your enthusiasm for crafting again - so easy to lose heart when you had so much on your mind. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful embroidery when you get around to that!


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