Sunday, February 17

DH Update....walking

How's this for a fashion statement!
Complete with " handbag" and pressure stockings......but look at that gorgeous smile!
This is our DD Linda with him.

DH is walking really well now, walking unaided, a few laps around the ward several times a day, I almost have trouble keeping up with him.
It will still be weeks before he gets to come home, the biggest thing now is the short term memory, and the occupational therapist is working on that with him.

He has had a couple of evenings where he is confused and cannot understand why he can't come home with me when I go to leave, it breaks my heart to have to leave him behind upset.
It's something I need to work thru, say my good-byes and leave quickly before he sees me getting upset.
I am so thankful for the recovery he has made so far, the outcome could have been so very different.


  1. Julia, I am so happy to hear that your DH is well on the road to recovery. That's wonderful for your family and especially for him. With the occupational therapists help I'm sure his short term memory will improve and he'll be able to go home. That's a day I'm sure you're all looking forward to.


  2. I'm a crazy-addicted beader who's been lurkingly reading your blog since I got the link from Beading Daily. I'm so glad your DH is doing better! I know how hard it is to have to leave someone at the hospital every day when all they want is to come home, and I understand how difficult it is dealing with memory issues (both for you and your DH). My DH got Legionnaire's Disease, sepsis and ARDS in 2005 and after over two months in the hospital on a ventilator, he had to relearn to walk and pretty much do everything again. He also has short-term and what they call "working memory" problems due to brain injury from lack of oxygen (and he also lost his sense of smell for a while). Working with occupational and speech therapists helped him develop techniques to overcome some of the memory issues, but he'll always have to carry a notebook with him. I sympathize with you whole-heartedly and I hope you and your DH continue to receive all the support and prayers you need during these difficult times. And I can't wait to read in your blog that your DH has come home!


  3. He looks great! His recovery seems to be moving along pretty fast. That is such good news. I guess you will not let him on the roof again. What a horrible scare! I'm so glad to see him progressing well. I know it is hard to go home every night, but I am guessing they aren't giving you a choice.

  4. I am so glad to see him looking so cheerful, & strong. It does take time of course, but he seems to be progressing so well.
    Keep your chin up Julia. I know how hard it must be for you.

  5. It's great to hear all this positive news. I understand it must be hard for you both to be apart while his recovery continues, but by staying strong for him you really are giving him the best support you can.
    Best wishes to you both.

  6. What beautiful smiles! I am happy you shared this photo.

  7. I always enjoy visiting your blog and was so sorry to hear of your DHs accident. I am so happy to see that he is improving so quickly - love the pictures with your DD and DS.

  8. It's so good to see and hear that your DH is doing so well. He's obviously doing so much better, just by all the smiles:)

  9. Dear Julia
    I know how hard it is to "escape" home when your dear one cannot understand why he can't accompany you.
    You must be so relieved in the improvement in his health.......just don't you forget to stop and take it easy...or you wont be able to keep up with reno when he comes home.
    God love you and keep you both safe.


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