Thursday, February 14

DH Progress...gym work!

This is for family and friends, who are wanting to know how my DH is getting on...

I'm sorry if my blog is dull and boring just now, but I just can not settle down and get any stitching done, all I can think of right now is my Dh getting better and home.

He really does have to relearn to do all the basic things we take for granted.
Here he is with the physio in the this is a first, he has never been in a gym in all his life!
The physio is having him balance on one leg, then the other without holding on to the parallel bars.
The collar is only on to support his neck during these sessions, to keep his head up, as he tends to want to look down all the time at his legs.
Each day he improves a little and does a little more, still having trouble with short memory loss, but he'll get there.

Thank you everyone who sent their best wishes and comforting messages.


  1. Oh he looks great! I'm so happy to see his progress and I'm glad you are able to put it on your blog so we can keep up with you. Tell him we are thinking about him over here in the USA!

  2. Your blog is certainly not boring. It is good news to hear that he is doing better. I can't imagine what you have all been going through and I hope for a quick recovery. My prayers are with you and your family.

  3. Your DH certainly looks so much better than you were describing a couple of weeks ago, and I'm so glad to see it. Relearning is hard, but it sounds like he's motivated, and he's eating, so scary as this has been, it looks like he's out of the woods, but lots of work ahead.

  4. Great to see that DH is on the mend. Don't worry about us, we'll just amuse ourselves while you take all the time you need to focus on whats important.

  5. Keep up the good work Reno and it won't be long before you are home again.
    Thanks for the pics Julia.

  6. Julia, it is wonderful to see your husband moving forward. You all continue to be in my prayers. I think we all understand totally that he is your main focus now, and appreciate you keeping us posted. hugs to you....

  7. Such good news! The progress seems to be very positive to me!
    He must be determined to improve & come home.

  8. Not dull and boring. More like a miracle! LOL

    Fantastic to see the progress. :-)


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