Tuesday, February 12

DH Progress.....

I just had to share this photo....DS and DH having a bit of fun while I'm trying to get a good picture of them!

It is amazing how much difference a few days can make.
DH is doing so well, he has amazed even the doctors, they are hopefull he will make a full recovery... it could take months.
He had lost his sense of smell, which in turn affected his appetite and was not eating, but now that's back he is eating well and putting back on the weight he had lost.
The first two weeks he slept just about all day every day, now he is walking, nearly all on his own...talking really well, in fact, you just about can't keep him quiet!
A CT scan of his brain came back good, still has a problem with short term memory loss, maybe that's a way of blocking out what happened.
It's so encourageing to see him doing this well, I'm sure he will make a very good recovery.
He will need a few weeks of rehab, but he is so strong willed and determined, he'll get through it fine.

Thank you everyone that left messages of comfort and prayers


  1. Oh I'm so happy he is doing so much better. He looks great in the picture and I know you must be relieved! I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

  2. Thank you so much for your post on how Reno and family are doing, you all have been thought of and much prayers and hopes for a full recovery for DH! Looking forward to the day of his going home and continuing with recovery especially when he's able to commune with his babies in the back yard! Take care! Hugs!

  3. Julia, I'm so glad to hear of Reno's progress...
    hugz - Faye

  4. Continued prayers dear friend!!!
    Much love, hugs and prayers!!!

  5. So glad to read of your Dear Husband's progress Julia! I swear all our wishes & the prayers must be working for him. Such great progress.

  6. What a relief to read and see your DH is doing well. Take care Julia.

  7. Julia,
    I'm so happy to hear Reno is doing well-take care,
    cheers Vickie

  8. This is great to see. I am s glad he is laughing...great medicine. I wish him continued progress. Take care Julia.


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