Friday, January 4

New Project...DJ cross stitch

This new kit arrived in the mail this morning...

OK, I know, what am I doing buying more stuff, when I should be working on what I already have started!.
I just fell in love with this Dear Jane cross stitch sampler, I thought it would look lovely together with my Dear Jane quilt, when I get it done!

I'll put this away for a while and perhaps work on it during the winter months....


  1. OMGG I know I'd not have the patience to do that! Good luck and you'll have to post pics when you're done. Yes I'm sure it will be just LOVELY on display with your quilt.

  2. Oh is that ever going to be fun and will turn out beautifully! Love the colors for your blog! Hope you have lots of stitching time this weekend! Best wishes.

  3. Hi, I am leaving you this comment to let you know that I have tagged you on my blog for a Make My Day Award

  4. Hi, I wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for the Make My Day Award!

  5. I gave you the award, too. =) I love the way this kit came packaged. I need someone to do that with all my threads!

  6. you are mad.. LOL I thought about doing Dear Jane, even bought the book (again) if and its a big IF I make it, I think I might like to embroider it..


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