Thursday, January 3

New Covered Book...

You might remember, a month or so before Christmas, I was covering little books for gifts.

I bought quite a few little diaries and address books to cover, as I thought they would make nice personal gifts for friends and family.
I had one 2008 diary left over, and I thought I had better cover it and send it on to someone special before too much time into the new year passes..... it won't be much good next year when we click over to 2009.

Actually it was so nice to get back into SRE, my first love, I was getting so tired of doing the little 9 patches for the mystery quilt, and yes, I still have 6 patches to make, before going onto the next stage, which has just been posted.

There's just some special / beautiful about cameos, don't you think?


  1. You really do make very pretty elegant book covers.

    Happy New Year.

  2. That's beautiful, and I love the SRE you did. Did you glue the cameo on? She's such a pretty profile.

  3. It is lovely Julia. The color combination and the cameo makes it very femenine.

  4. Susan,
    The cameo is stitched, DH drills tiny holes in it for me.

  5. Yes, I do think so. Your books are the most elegant I've seen. I am fortunate to have some of your work and they are truly treasures.
    You just had to have that x stitch "Dear Jane" after the quilt you are making. It was a must!

    Happy New Year Julia!

  6. Absolutely! There is none more beautiful than the book of yours, that I have, & treasure!!!

    I hope your year of 2008 is wonderful Julia, & may all your family be blessed!

  7. So beautiful, as usual. These must sought-after by all your friends!
    ~Lin Moon


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