Tuesday, January 8

Mystery Quilt..step 5

We are up to step 5 on the Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt... This is the block for step 5, an hour glass block, and wouldn't you know it I'm running out of the green accent fabric, I don't have enough of it to do 100 of these blocks.
Off shopping I had to go yesterday, I found this mottled green fabric that is as close in the shade of green as I could get to my original accent fabric.

Here is a pic of my old and new fabric together, I think it looks pretty good!
Now I think I am going to run out of the light fabric...arhhh!
The light fabric is a Robyn Pandolph, Sentimental Journey, a cream tonal with khaki/ greenish floral flower sprays...less than 1/2 metre/yard is all I'll need, I have searched and searched the net, but nothing comes up.
I bought this fabric back in 2005, so it could be discontinued, can anyone out there help me with this please.
I think it may be this one here, I have emailed the shop, but have had no reply...


  1. take a look here:


    i hope that's it

  2. http://tinyurl.com/2f8ozx This says Ivory, rather than cream, so I'm not sure - it's in Europe, too. It's the only one I found on Quilt Search. I didn't buy that one. =( I found it in red, but I don't think that's going to help!


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