Saturday, January 19

Mystery Quilt...progress.

I have started to put my mystery quilt together...
First off, I think I need lessons in photography!...sorry the photo is not as clear as it could be.

I have put the first three rows together, and I really love it!
It's turning out much better than I thought it would, I was mainly worried about my chosen colours.
Of course the idea was to use scraps, and I did as much as I could, but at the same time, I wanted to keep it uniform and connected, so the design does not get lost in the scraps.

Another thing I found, if one colour stands out more than the others, in my case the deep burgundy floral, when putting the rows together, I will need to be careful that I don't end up with too much burgundy up one end of the quilt and none at the other end.
I find if I lay the rows down on the floor, take photos with my digital camera and load them onto my computer, I can see the quilt in a better perspective, and if blocks need to be moved around.
Thank goodness for digital cameras...and computers!

Ok, I'm off to stitch some more on the quilt..


  1. I think yours is looking very pretty, love the colours.


  2. I love your colors/fabrics. Your quilt will be gorgeous!


  3. It is beautiful! Your accent color really pops the quilt.


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