Sunday, January 6

More for me!

Yes. more book covers!

Couldn't help myself...while out shopping yesterday, guess what was in the markdown bin.
2008 Diaries marked down to a fraction of what I paid for them before.
I thought I could whip up another two for special friends, and one for's still only a couple of weeks into the New Year.
I don't know why, but I never thought to make one for myself.
I think I will keep the middle one, it has a small cherub on the heart, click on the photo and it should come up bigger.

These take hardly any time at all to put together, I'll try and do a tutorial on the book covers when I get time..


  1. I look forward to the tutorial! You always explain things so nicely. I love all three of these, but the one on the right is my favorite.

  2. Guess what Julia, you've been tagged again for the Blogs That Make My Day Award. Hee, hee, hee By now you know the drill.
    Such gorgeous work you do no wonder you keep getting tagged!!!!

  3. As always, your work is gorgeous Julia.

  4. These book covers are just lovely.

    I hope you get your fabric!

  5. These are just incredible Julia!


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