Monday, January 21

Carolina Crossroads...together

Here's my Mystery quilt top blocks all stitched together..

I decided to leave one row off the side to make it more rectangular than square, I think it looks OK...with the blocks I took off, I can make a table runner.
Now I'm trying to decided what colour borders to add, the light fabric for the framing border does not work...too pale!
I think I have enough of the green and light background fabric to do it this way, but I'm not totally happy with this look either.
Thinking it might need a bolder brighter outer border....perhaps a small floral burgundy with the green might look better.
Off to have another look at it...


  1. It looks terrific. I love the colours. I love the green border if you have enough. Hugs Khris

  2. It looks wonderful. I like the green, but agree a darker outer border would look better.

  3. Looks great! I made mine a rectangle shape too.

  4. Hi!

    I think you need a darker border that will tie in with the splashes of burgundy throughout the quilt. I think you have a good eye for colour and this will be a really nice quilt.

  5. you quilt looks gorgeous.. I'd go the darker border too, burgundy would look great..

    I am ever hopeful to get my top together this week, just need some time and a cat to behave himself!

    owner of the block theif pussy cat..

  6. The quilt turned out great Julia.I think I would choose a bit darker outher border too.

  7. Your blocks look great! I need to get moving, I got sidetracked and only just finished step 6.

  8. It looks wonderful. I almost made mine rectangular, too.

  9. Yours is still my favorite. It looks great all put together.


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