Tuesday, December 4

T'is The season To Be Jolly....crazy!

They say it's the season to be jolly....but crazy is more the word I would use.

Everyone is rushing here, there and everywhere, presents to buy or make...another decoration or two or more for the tree.....what food to buy now ahead of time and what can be left until the last minute, so it doesn't spoil....it's crazy out there at the shops!

I have made a list, do you make lists?.....now I usually lose or forget about any lists I make, but this year I'm determined to stick to the list!

What with Christmas wind up lunches to attend, I will need secret Santa prezzies for them, plus a plate of food to share, and a small gift for a game we play, which is great fun.

The game we play goes like this...
we all take a small gift, anything at all, can be something silly just for fun or something beautiful that everyone would love to win.
We start off by someone throwing two dice, that person has to move her present along the table by the number that was thrown, you then have to swap presents with the person that you stop at.
If you throw double sixes, you get to choose which present anywhere on the table you want, and you swap without having to move along....then pass the dice onto the next person and so on, This is where a silly gift or a beautiful gift make it more fun, because you want to get rid of the silly gift, but keep the beautiful gift!
Before the game starts, it's best to agree how long the game will run by nominating how many times the dice will go around the table, or you could go on forever......or in our case one time, when a person finally got something they wanted, they would yell out..."OK. that's it, game over!"....LOL!
Try it sometime, it's great fun, relaxes everyone and everyone enjoys it....

OK, I'm off shopping... with my list!


  1. All my gift shopping is done! I'm one of those horribly organised people that everyone loves to hate! I have planned dinner and have ordered the turkey, I'll collect fresh veg from the market the day before and need only one or two bits from the super market!
    At work we exchange gifts with those working on the same shift and we know in advance who it will be so have time to plan a thoughtful gift.
    Your dice game sounds like fun though, I hope you get a nice prize at the end.

  2. It's nice to know it isn't just here in the states that the shopping is crazy! Yes, I make lists - it's the only way I remember everything that has to be done!

    Love your game, that would be fun to play even with just fat quarters.

  3. That game sounds like fun!
    Good luck with your list! It can be hard to stick to a list.


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