Monday, December 24

One More Sleep....

Just one more sleep!
I'm already for the big day, just passing time now, doing a bit of this and that.
Thought I would write up this little post...

I have just got back from the shops with the bit of last minute shopping to pick up...bread rolls, fresh salad greens etc. for tomorrow....and it's crazy out there!
I'm sure everyone must have left all their shopping till the last day.
I over heard one lady say to another..."today is one of those days, where you just have to be rude and barge your way through with the trolley"....that did it for me, I just wanted to get out of there!
Parking at the shops is near impossible, I rushed in got what I needed and rushed home, whatever we don't have we can do without!

My dear friend Robin gave me this gorgeous little handmade Christmas tree, it's all made from folded fabric triangles, I have no idea how she made it, but isn't it lovely?
The colours are just my colours, and it's embellished with tiny brass charms, click on the picture and it will come up bigger.

I think I will check out some of my favourite blogs now and take it easy's hotting up outside, we are expecting a really hot Christmas day tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day and stay safe...


  1. That's exactly why we aren't going to do our regular shopping tomorrow! Even though it's a small town where we shop, there are enough people to make it a madhouse. There's a little grocery here for absolute necessities and if they don't have it, we'll live without it. =)

    I know you'll have a wonderful Christmas Day, even if it's hot!

  2. I cheated and had Christmas early!! Made things sooooooo much easier. LOL

    I hope you have/had a wonderful day and a happy new year.

  3. Hon, it has been a while since I visited, but as always I enjoy all the wonderful stories and all the beautiful work that you do. May you have a blessed and wonderful holiday season!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Julia, That sure is a lovely quilted tree! I heard on tonight's news that Perth had a terrible Christmas Day with bushfires, some deliberately lit. What is wrong with these people? I hope you were not directly caught up in the fires - bad enough to be so hot, let alone anything worse.
    All the best for 2008!

  5. Julia, This little Christmas Tree is the same as the little Christmas Ornies I made last year... This year everyone has seen it and wants a tutorial on it. So I'll have to get one together for everyone.
    Have a Happy New Year... Faye


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