Thursday, December 13

Mystery Quilt...step 2

More on my Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt...

I have only managed to get 30+ of the 9 patches blocks for step 2 done so far, boy these take longer to do than I thought they would.

I thought I had better post that I have actually started on them before tomorrow's next step is posted.

Good thing we here in Australia are a day ahead of the states, that gave me a bit more time to get started on them...grin....nothing like leaving it to the last minute.
Off to do some more...


  1. Very pretty blocks. Love them. Everybody's blocks are so different aren't they.

  2. I love that teal corner. It's going to be great to see this come together.

  3. I am watching this on several blogs- they all look so different too!

  4. I love your colours of your mystery quilt, very gorgeous.. I can't wait for the show and tell when we are all done LOL if we all get done that is! :O)



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